An impromptu product demo of RI 22 Smart Pills.

 A couple of days ago I did a spur of the moment product demo for my RI 22 smart pills project. I was walking through my local shopping mall after I had picked up some groceries.

As I was walking through the mall, I spotted a table where product promoters were promoting educational institutes based in my local area. I was wearing my black RI 22 smart pills face mask. I stopped at the table and I asked one of the reps there about one of their course offerings. I then pointed to my face mask and I asked the rep if he would like to take a look at my website.

The rep used his phone to look up my site. He found my Facebook page and my website. I felt like a product promoter when I did what I just did. I might buy a face mask with my web address printed onto it next time. I am going to do more of these product demos now on moving forward.


  1. This is actually the second product demo that I have done to date. I can now add product demonstrator as one of the hats I wear at RI 22 smart pills.


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