Splitting my RI 22 Smart Pill production into manageable segments.


My RI 22 Smart Pills are powerful. They work well. I have to admit though that it takes a bit of time to make these smart pills. Mass production is not what RI 22 Smart pills is all about. The end product is of great quality. That's the important thing.

I sometimes split the small manufacturing process into manageable segments. In the photo above, you see how I had compounded my L - Theanine supplements into a fine powder. I had used my tools for this procedure. L- Theanine is one of the ingredients I use for my RI 22 sleep aid supplements. I suffer from sleep apnea, among other health related issues.

I place the compounded supplement powder/s into a tupperware container. I place my empty gelcapsules into another tupperware container, or I place them into one of my pharmacy bottles. Then, when I am ready, I make the RI 22 smart pills. This could be in a day or two or whenever I want. I find that this splitting of the tasks, helps me. It reduces the time spent in production. If I did not follow this method, the production time would increase.