One of my creative uses for plastic pill bags.

 In the photo above, you see one of my plastic pill bags. I had used my mortar and pestle and my toffee hammer to grind the contents of my L Tyrosine and DL Phenylalanine supplements with. I didn't use all of my tools as I am not going to make my complete RI 22 Smart Pills until tomorrow or the next day.

I sometimes split my RI 22 Smart Pill production into segments. I save time this way. I will add some of my protein powder and my Ovaltine powder into the completed powder mix. I add these extra powders into the powder mix as they contain vitamins and minerals which are of benefit to my health. They also help to bulk up / fill the capsules with. I have set aside some empty gelcapsules in preparation for my RI 22 Smart pills manufacturing or production process.

I like placing the powder into the pill bags as in the photo above. This is because I am then able to hold the bag in my hands so that I can send my healing energies into the supplement powder in order to make the powder even more powerful. I had bought 1,000 plastic pill bags many years ago. I found this offer through E Bay. Some of the pills bags were plain in design and some had the weed logo placed onto them. People sometimes think that these bags are for illegal drugs. Yes. They can be used for this purpose.  But no, I don't use them for that purpose. I have also used these bags to store my chewing gum or Mentos mints, tic tacs with. They keep the items fresh.