My Melatonin Marzipan ball RI 22 sweet treat.


In the photo above, you see my Melatonin Marzipan ball RI 22 sweet treat placed into one of my small tupperware containers. I had bought a marzipan block from my local grocery store. I found the item in the baking section of the store. Most grocery stores have a baking items section. Marzipan is quite a popular product in most baking sections.

In order to make the item above, I cut a long square section of the marzipan block and I placed it onto a small plate. I got one of my melatonin RI 22 smart pills ready. I made a round indentation in the marzipan square. I then opened my melatonin RI 22 smart pill and I placed the powder into the indentation. I then rolled the marzipan square into a ball shape using my hands. The RI 22 smart pill powder becomes even more potent as I am sending my Remote Influencing energies into the ball as I am rolling it. I like this creative way of ingesting my melatonin RI 22 pill. I eat the marzipan ball RI 22 sweet treat a short while before going to bed.